The effect of non-spherical shape on the motion of a rising underwater gas bubble.

by Max Shiffman

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Cover of: The effect of non-spherical shape on the motion of a rising underwater gas bubble. | Max Shiffman
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The effect of non-spherical shape on the motion of a rising underwater gas bubble. by Max Shiffman Download PDF EPUB FB2

Excerpt from The Effect of Non-Spherical Shape on the Motion of a Rising Underwater Gas Bubble The problem under consideration is the motion of a pulsating gas bubble, produced by an underwater explosion, as influenced by the buoyant force due to gravitation. This problem was first considered by C.

Herring, using a perturbation : Paperback. The motion of gas bubbles in liquid is highly relevant to heat and mass transfer in our daily lives. Here, Tripathi et te a bubble rising Cited by: The effect of non-spherical shape on the motion of a rising underwater gas bubble 3/ 5 Calculations (to ANL) for the flow about a lens 5 / 5 The force of impact on a sphere striking a water surface 5 / 55/5(3).

A number of works were on the effect of viscoelasticity on a rising gas bubble [19, 28]. Lind and Philips [19] predict that the dynamics of bubbles rising in a viscoelastic liquid are. A bubble rising in water really is very nearly just a falling object problem flipped upside-down.

It depends on the relative densities of the gas in the bubble and the fluid it's rising through, drag (and thus the size and shape of the bubble), and gravity.

Effect of vortex fluid motion on nonspherical oscillations of a gas bubble Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics.

Consider a gas bubble rising in a quiescent ambient liquid or translating relative to a stationary or moving ambient liquid at high Reynolds numbers, and assume that the bubble is and remains spherical at all times. In a frame of reference moving with the bubble, the fluid far from the bubble executes streaming motion with velocity by:   The mechanism of interest is the bubble entrainment described extensively in the literature on underwater sound production by drop impacts.

Pumphrey et al. 11 and Oquz and Prosperetti 14 found Cited by: 2. Hydrodynamic simulation of air bubble implosion using a level set approach. During the initial stages of the implosion, the inertial motion of the liquid compresses the gas bubble. As a result the pressure inside the bubble begins to increase.

These studies should show the effect of non-spherical shape on the by: The non-spherical model is embedded in an Unsteady Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes code with appropriate free surface boundary conditions and a moving Chimera grid scheme around the bubble.

The effect of non-spherical deformation and bubble/flow interaction on bubble dynamics is illustrated by comparing spherical and non-spherical models. An important topic in fluid dynamics is multiphase flows.

Multiphase flows can be found in numerous fields in engineering, e.g. aerospace, biomedical, chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, materials, nuclear and naval engineering. There is an enormous variation in applications, e.g. rocket engines, chemical reactors, contamination spreading, multiphase.

Suggested Citation:"5 Cavitation and Bubbly Flows." National Research Council. Twenty-Second Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

doi: / Understanding such bubbly flow and shock wave processes is important because these flow structures.

number (based on diameter) of the motion of the rising bubble. Equa-ting the drag force to the bouyant force of the bubble, the bubble diameter and velocity can be computed~ Similar expressions were derived mathematically for non-sphericalbubble~__ Effect of Bubbles on Cavitation Ripken29 and co-workers found that water velocities as low.

The time for each bubble shape is indicated besides each bubble shape. (a) A bit off topic work in the current context, but nevertheless worth mentioning, is the effect of viscous boundary layers in gas bubbles bursting near free surfaces which was investigated by Boulton-Stone & Blake ().

the fluid dynamics of non-spherical bubbles. Hsiao C-T, Chahine GL () Effect of gas diffusion on bubble entrainment and dynamics around a propeller.

J Hydrodyn 24(6)– CrossRef Google Scholar by: 8. The book offers a timely reference for graduate students as well as professional scientists and engineers interested in the interaction of shock waves with bubbles and their propagation properties in bubbly liquids with applications in medical and earth sciences.

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